Germans On Vacation

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In many states of Germany, schools are during the months of July and August closed due to 6 weeks of summer vacation. In general, NOW is the main time of Germans to travel. This year, because of the pandemic, many travel within Germany but with European borders being open again, some people are even now travelling abroad.

In general, the German tourist abroad is easy to detect. Rule no. 1: Germans are everywhere! Rule no. 2: Germans are often embarrassed by the typical German tourists

What makes the typical German tourist so German, so detectable (and embarrassing)?
1. THE OUTFIT: the stereotypical German male tourist wears white tennis socks and sandals. At the same time. (The ultimate fashion fauxpas!!). Additionally, these kinds of Germans often wear a backpack by the brand 'Deuter' and functional garments. Or cargo pants. And a heavy SLR camera as accessory.

2. FOOD: German tourists are in general rather hesitant to try completely new food. They love to stick to what they know from home. A German proverb says "Was der Bauer nicht kennt, frisst er nicht." which means "What the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat.".

3. TOWEL WARS: the act to reserve a sunbed (at a pool or at the beach) by placing a towel on it. Some Germans get up really early in the morning to "book" the best sunbeds, then go back to the room or have breakfast only to have the ideal sunbed afterwards. This can lead to fights among tourists (e.g. whether an abandoned sunbed is really 'booked' by placing a towel). So German.

4. LANGUAGES ABROAD: the stereotypical German tourists loves to stick to German abroad. Hotels in Turkey (a beloved destination of many Germans) with German speaking staff are not rare. Even when locals, e.g. waiters in a restaurant, address Germans in English (or the local language), Germans might answer in German. And while younger Germans are all learning English in school nowadays, the parent-generation and elder might have difficulties with English. Or are known for an English with a very very strong German accent.

📷 Photo by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay.

Author: Moni

Aug 18, 2020