The Multilingual Institute of Foreign Languages is the Integrated cultural institute, spreading throughout Karnataka. We elevate the learning of various Foreign languages, Regional languages, Personality Development priming, Study abroad plans and encourage Regional, National and international cultural exchange.

The Multilingual Institute of Foreign Languages is the Integrated cultural institute, spreading throughout Karnataka also soon reaching out Nationally and Internationally. We elevate the importance of knowledge of the languages of the abroad and foster regional and international cultural cooperation and spreading of language awareness. We bequeath an overall image of learning of languages by providing information about cultural, social and political life in our nation and in other Foreign countries as well. Our cultural and educational programmes introduce cultural diversity and enable the involvement of ethnic inclusiveness. where we believe in bracing up the maturing of structures in the infrastructure of the society and Internationalisation of higher education and worldwide mobility.


Multilingual Institute of Foreign Languages sets internationally recognised standards in the teaching and learning of foreign language. As Multilingual Institute of Foreign Languages holds up the intention of spreading the awareness and importance of versatility of regional languages also.And many different courses for Personality development, Theater arts and so on.Multilingual Institute of Foreign Languages keeps a track of trends in and across India and Foreign countries in order to encourage cultural collaboration across the globe by organising programmes of events and making contributions to various festivals and exhibitions in the fields of dance, music, theatre, literature and translation. Interactive workshops, Activity secessions, Discussion forums, Weekend fun clubs, Audio-video- and Newsletter publications to students and our visitors’ Grafitty wall paints every weekend to paint a contemporary portrait giving out a Global message, promoting international discourse on the key concerns of what is becoming an increasingly global society.

Cultural Education Programmes

Cultural Education and Discourse play a dynamic role in the understanding and self-reflection of societies. The Multilingual Institute of Foreign Languages supports these processes, makes an active contribution by offering platforms and meeting places for artists and academics. The Multilingual Institute of Foreign initiates and supports language programmes for the further training of cultural professionals in the fields of cultural management and entrepreneurship and cultural institutions. It actively involves itself in the fields of digital and cultural education and focuses on topics being debated in the public, the media and science by offering the training secessions of Public speaking and alos cultural feasts. This includes dealing with topics such as "measures to save the earth", "Say no to plastic", gamification and cultures of remembrance. The special focus is on the three main topics “How important is it to know the land before learn the language?” “Cultures of equality” and “Ecology and sustainability.”